School Board

The Board of Trustees acts as the school district's policy-making body and is the official representative of the people for all public education in Westwood ISD. The Board functions according to state and federal laws, the rules and regulations established by the State Board of Education, the Texas Education Agency and the will of the people as expressed in district elections. The seven member board, while composed of individuals, acts officially only as a group. No member or group of members acts in the name of the Board unless authorized by the Board. A majority of the Board constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business. Individual trustees, serving without pay, are elected for three-year terms on a rotating basis. Elections are conducted on the second Saturday in May. While candidates run for specific positions on the ballot, they represent the entire district as Board members. The Board of Trustees elects a president, vice-president, and secretary to serve one-year terms. It selects and employs the superintendent and delegates the responsibility and authority for the operation of the school district to that chief executive officer. The superintendent advises Board members on all matters concerning school management.

Order of Business

Board meetings begin with pledges of allegiance to the United States and Texas flags, followed by recognition, if any, of students, staff or community members. Next is an open forum section and presentations by staff members. Guided by the agenda, the Board discusses and acts on routine business items. Usually, these items have been discussed and studied at previous meetings allowing the Board to take informed action. The business items are followed by study items on the agenda that require Board action at future meetings. The study items may include reports or presentations by staff members along with discussion by the Board.

Westwood Independent School District provides a balanced, dynamic, curriculum, which supports academic excellence for all students.  Instruction is designed to educate students in listening, speaking, reading, writing, calculating, and thinking skills through a research-based continuum of learning while incorporating technology, scientific, and vocational skills.  Students will be provided with the skills to become life-long learners and productive, responsible, members of the community.
Mission Statement

In partnership with parents and community, the Westwood Independent School District, as a premier district in the State of Texas, seeks academic excellence for each student to pursue a productive and fulfilling life through a balanced curriculum aligned with quality instruction and assessment of achievement.

Beginning with the August 2016 Board Meeting all meeting agendas will be posted online using Board Book.